Around the world in an old VW Beetle
World Rallies

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From the searing heat of the Sahara Desert to the freezing heights of the Tibetan Plateau, chances are you'll see Fiona chugging past in an old VW, or similarly unsuitable vehicle.

Fiona is a broadcast camera operator with over 20 years experience.  She has worked on productions for Sky, Formula One, Channel 4, ITV, BBC and Channel 5. She has worked on a wide range of programming from sport and documentaries to live music and international F1 races.  After working as a staff camera operator at Sky Television for many years she left to set up World Rallies Productions.  She continues to work freelance in the broadcast television industry between filming rallies. She has travelled extensively for both work and pleasure; from a season working around the world on the Formula One racing to walking with lions in Zimbabwe.

Fiona first combined her passion for travel with her love of cars in 2006 when she bought an old Beetle for £99 and drove it across the Sahara Desert!  Since then she has driven a Nissan Micra to Mongolia and a Fiat Panda around Italy.  Then came her epic journey in a Beetle from the UK to Singapore, described by many as the ultimate motoring adventure and the subject of her debut book Beetle Drive.  Since then she has driven a borrowed BMW E46 M3 around Wales and to The Netherlands, toured frozen Icelandic roads in a Nissan Micra and was lucky enough to drive a Ferrari 328 in Norway and Ferrari 575 across Denmark.

She is always planning her next trip and will be away again as soon as funds allow.

Fiona grew up in Hamble, on Britains south coast; a sailing Mecca.  She still spends much time in the village and, when in London, lives on a boat. 

Western Mongolia

Baluchistan Desert, Pakistan

Atlas Mountains, Morocco